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Our goal is simple...


Help restaurants understand and take advantage of the one of the biggest opportunities available to them in decades.


We're talking about a sea-change leveling of the playing field between smaller restaurants and chains against the big nationwide players.


With savings up to 30% on food and supplies, growth is exploding with GPO's.


  • We're seeing over $4B in pool purchasing power per year
  • Growth in GPO enrollment is increasing each year at double digit levels
  • The two major buying groups are dominating this market segment
  • 1000's of restaurants are using Buying Groups right now!

You can contact us with any questions here:

Home for restaurant buying group



Most importantly, there's no cost for our services!




You'll get the same savings through our website for the big restaurant GPO's as if you went there direct!

We are advocates on behalf of restaurants out there to better research and understand the options available to them!


We love this role because we can work with any restaurant buying group and there's no cost to you.


This information needed to be online to help restaurants compare and contrast the quickly changing and new world of GPO's available to them.

You'll get the same process, ordering simplicity, rates, etc.


We work with select restaurant buying groups who have proven their mettle.


This needs to be a proven thing for restaurants to use.


Here are our primary considerations.

What we look for in restaurant buying groups


  • Partnered Food Distributor strength
  • Strength
  • Breadth of product
  • Ordering ease
  • Delivery process and timeliness
  • Expected Savings
  • Enrollment speed and support


Let's look at each of these with more detail.


Partnered Food Distributor and GPO.


What's the point of saving money if there are issues with the underlying distributor.


The Buying Group is really just pooled purchasing strength.


You can find out more how restaurant GPO's work here.


Ultimately, your day to day process is still with a food distributor.


For that reason, what we really want to look at the PARTNER of the buying group.


That's why we're very much impressed by Leverage Buying Group due to their relationship with a top 2 US Supplier.


LVG's supplier is a dominant force in food distribution and having access to all they offer is awesome!


Getting this option at a discounted pricing through a restaurant buying group is a no brainer!


You can run your quote to see expected savings here:



What else is considered by us?

How about breadth of product line and quality?

Breadth of food products available through GPO


We next consider what you actually source through the GPO.


This again rests on the partnered food distributor.


Another big win for Leveraged Buying Group but all the big GPO's have a lot to offer here.


Rather than just get savings on select items, our favorite GPO's allow you to save on everything!


It's pretty amazing what the big distributors can offer these days.


Everything under the sun for core food and supply purchases.


Just send over a sample invoice and let us quote it for you.

Food or supplies.

Ordering Ease for Food Supplies


It's got to be easy!


You're busy trying to build your restaurant brand and reputation not to mention that little bit about running the business!


Ordering (online or off) needs to be intuitive, fast, and well...




The major food distributors have amazing tools in this regard and the restaurant buying groups do not affect this in any way.


You'll have access to their direct account management systems!


No extra cost to you.


You'll just pay less to access their full suite of available tools.


Don't worry...there's still old school processing for old school players!

We consider delivery process and ease


On the flipside, after ordering, delivery needs to expected!

  • On time
  • Correct
  • Flexible


This is really the strength of the major food distributors that we have access to through GPO's.


To some extent, they are logistics companies as much as anything else.

Their core competency is processing deliveries fast, effectively, and correctly.


We have no problems here and nor will you.


We really analyze this piece in determining which restaurant buying groups to consider so you won't have to!

We consider expected savings from the restaurant buying groups


Let's be honest...

Shipping, ordering ease, and the like are all real important.


But you're not reading because you love shipping and ordering options.


It's the ability to save up to 30% that makes restaurants excited.


Especially since we can get everything we're buying now with that new discount pricing!


It's real easy to see what your expected savings will be.


Just upload, email, or fax us a recent or dummy invoice.

We'll quote it with the new GPO pricing!


You can request your quote here:



No gimmicks. No long drawn out process.

We quote the items on the invoice with the buying group pricing and send it back to you.


It either speaks for itself or it doesn't.


If it does, we can help you with any questions or direct you to a dedicate rep who will guide you through the entire process.

No cost for our service!


You'll get the same pricing and options through our website or direct with the the buying group.


Take advantage of this resource and let us help you!


We look at enrollment speed and ease're busy!


How hard is this going to be to set up?

Not hard at all.


Once restaurants get over the shock of how much they're going to save, enrollment is pretty easy.


We're not kidding on the shock part.


Many restaurant owners are in disbelief at first.


They think there must be a catch.

Welcome to the world of pooled purchasing.


Now you know why the bigger chains can advertise so much!


Every other commercial is food base!


Use the savings to:

  • Upgrade food quality level
  • Improve bottom line
  • Renovate/improve restaurant
  • Attract/keep better employees
  • Implement online and delivery option


How about a mix of all of these.

Significant savings to your purchasing power can give you lots of options to consider.

How to proceed?

Let us help you quote and enroll in a Restaurant buying group


Here are the steps for considering this option:

  • Quote your actual purchases for discounted GPO rates
  • Address any questions with us at


  • Enroll if it meets your requirements with dedicated rep and handholding
  • Start saving!


That's it!


We want to make this easy.


Remember, we're really changing the contract under which you purchase so you have better pricing.


The day to day process will remain the same with one of the major food distributors nationwide.


Our goal at


It's simple.


Help restaurants compare, quote, and take advantage of group purchasing organizations.


Hopefully, this website is a great tool for you to understand this new option.

More importantly, it should be a way to get started!


The retention rate for enrollees is north of 90%


Why would you come off with such advantages as mentioned above.


Run your buying group quote here:



Then give us a call or email us!


How can we help you!



Quote a sample restaurant invoice to see your ACTUAL Savings


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Email us at




Our Help is FREE to You!

FREE Quote For Your Invoice

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1000's of Restaurants
$Million's SAVED
1000's of Restaurants
$Million's SAVED

from ML

"No... Thank you.  I wish I had found group purchasing earlier.  It's a no-brainer"

from SO

"We have seen a reduction of 18% for last quarter for one location.  Can't wait to roll it out other sites."

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"The cost savings I realized on purchasing went right back into upgrading our meat and produce quality.  We basically subsidized the needed move to higher grade at no cost."

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"Thank you so much!  Very happy with service.  If there is any way I can contact supervisors to let them know about your great service let me know"

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"I'll be honest...I didn't believe the pre-rollout saving estimates.  Seemed to good to be true.  I'm pleasantly wrong on that"

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"After test at one location, we're ready to move forward across chain.  Great resource to have. "

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"Wow, I can't thank you guys enough for your help...I couldn't imagine trying to tackle this on my own!"

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"Thank you so much for your marvelous work.  I don't want to tell any of my restaurant buddies so this stays with us"