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What is Dining Alliance - intro and reviews


Sick of rising food and beverage costs plus all your other overhead that comes with running a restaurant?


You're not alone!


For decades the independent restaurant owner has purchased direct from large distributors or direct possibly on a few key items from a manufacturer.


This has been a comfortable but expensive way to source purchases, because a single restaurant has no leverage.


If you're looking for a way to reduce purchasing costs on food and beverage items, consider group purchasing as a possible answer for your independent restaurant(s).


So, how did we get here?

Group Purchasing Organizations, or the coordination of many small employers negotiating to buy and supply as a single large company have existed for decades in other industries like Hospitals, Senior Living Facilities, Entertainment Venues, Hotels and Corporations.


However, independent restaurants have been slow to adopt the model.


But why, you ask?


Mainly because of the lack incentives to adoption by the large distributors, which control the vast majority of the market still.


Also, once you have established a buying relationship and it's working, it's human nature to keep it the same.


To shop the vendor for better value requires change and therefore contains some risk.


Only 10% of small independent restaurants utilize buying groups or group purchasing organizations today!

No longer we dare say!


You're comfortable with the suppliers you're purchasing from, but you're setting money on fire.


Stand up for yourselves independent restaurants, for heaven's sake, and grab the value of thousands of dollars in price savings, value added technology partners, and expertise in trends and changes in the marketplace has brought the day of the GPO, or Group Purchasing Organization to the independent restaurant.


Get ahead of your competition and get started.


It's a zero risk upside only situation.

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Let's look at Dining Alliance as a Restaurant GPO

Dining Alliance was founded over 20 years ago when their CEO embarked on finding better soft drink pricing for a group of restaurants in the NorthEast.


That very same Pepsi contract is still in place today!


But, Dining Alliance is now 30,000+ members strong, operates in all 50 states, and leverages purchasing power off a combined 12 billion dollars.

This is the power of roughly 2% of the total Group Purchasing organization market in the entire U.S.!


Why wouldn't you take advantage of a great opportunity to reduce costs!

Dining Alliance partners with over 350 manufacturers, leaders in the food producing business.


This gives their clients access to way over 100,000 different product line items.


Get the Dining Alliance wind beneath your wings!

How Does a GPO like Dining Alliance work?

Rebate Program


On top the the already discounted national chain level low pricing Dining Alliance members get additional savings through rebates every quarter.


Core to the main value of Dining Alliance is a rebate program.


Off the top, members get large employer or national chain level discounted pricing?


But wait, there's more...


Because the company has over 30,000 restaurant members and purchasing agreements with 350+ manufacturers it is able to offer a rebate program:


money back to members each quarter for purchases from specific manufacturers.

That's cash right back in your pocket.

Worried there's too many food manufacturers to track all the rebates?


There's even online application systems available to make the management of the rebate programs simple. This gives a participating independent restaurant benefits like:


  • tracking
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • rules and reward reporting
  • rebate report accounts receivables and payables
  • spreadsheet report format tracking

Run your quote here for actual invoice items:

Dining Alliance Statistics


Ready for some hard data on Dining Alliance?


Thought so!


Dining Alliance is the largest group purchasing organization serving independent restaurants in the United States.


It's a family founded and still owned to this day- since 1998.


It provides a very diverse portfolio of suppliers.


This includes all types including food, equipment supplies, and technology.


Over 18,000 restaurant members and increasing to date.




Got that too. Founded over 20+ years ago so it's a company that knows what they are doing.

Buying power?


Dining Alliance brings the hammer down on the competition with 12 billion combined purchasing power. That's a big hammer.


Speaking of technology




Dining Alliance provides technology partners to utilize in your restaurant including:

  • Reservation Systems & Seating
  • Order taking
  • Menus
  • Customer Reward Programs
  • Inventory
  • Staff Scheduling & more!


Dining Alliance Provider Network


Dining Alliance works with a breadth of the finest quality partners a three different levels


Channel Partners


Dining Alliance partners with restaurant services providers and sales teams to provide another value added product to customer bases.


This includes merchant systems management, order management systems, beverage management systems & more.


Distributor Partners


Dining Alliance primary distribution and marketing model includes some of the top national and regional Food and Beverage distributors in the game.


Dining Alliance Distributor Partners utilize Dining Alliance technology and Manufacturer contracts as a way to solidify and further embed existing client base, as well as a means to expand and sign new business.


The technology tools provided give the distributors a competitive advantage in bid situations the others can't match.


What a great advantage!


Manufacturer Partners


Dining Alliance contracts with over 350+ best quality manufacture partners so you don't have to.


Imagine the time and energy it would take you to develop a relationship and negotiate a price discount with each of these suppliers.


By the time you got it done, you'd be out of business.


We are talking about the national name brands you're already used to buying from, just at better prices.


The manufacturers include the core items like meat, produce, grocery, equipment, + you name it.


Chances are if you purchase it on a regular basis it's available.


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Who are Dining Alliance's Competitors?


The first competitor, is the independent restaurant owner themselves.


Uh, say what? Yes, that's right.


The fact is, only 10% of independent restaurant owners today purchase from a restaurant buying group or GPO.


The rest are haphazardly taking their chances on cost buying direct from a distributor or manufacturer. Yes, this is probably you.

We get it!


It's just so easy to keep doing what you've been doing.


Human nature fears the change and risks associated. It's natural. Simple inertia.


But, worry not! It's not too late.


In fact, we are at the very early stages of Group Purchasing with the independent restaurant marketplace so it's not too late to start saving.


Next, Dining Alliance although growing fast and already capturing over 2% of the market share has some giant legacy competitors who dominate in industries like healthcare, construction, & education, & hospitality.


Some of these multi billion dollar giants are:

  • Foodbuy
  • Entegra
  • Premier
  • Avendra


You can learn more about the food buying group marketplace and history here.


Dining Alliance is different since their focus is targeting the independent restaurant regionally.


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Dining Alliance Reviews


Looking for some company reviews or articles to get more comfortable?


Doesn't seem to be a problem.


Here's this from Chris Sachel, part owner of local mainstay Mimi's Drive In, in magazine “It sounded like a good opportunity so I jumped on board. And, it's proven to be just that.”


Full Press Announcements can found found on the Dining Alliance website at:


Recently, ABC news discussed technology and how Dining Alliance is helping the smaller restaurants implement technology advantages previously reserved for only large national chains.


In the interview Dining Alliance's president, Christina Davie, notes they are able to negotiate better pricing for a restaurant when able to utilize technology, understand target market, and systematically uniform the process.


Dining Alliance ranks a solid 4.3 stars out of 5 possible with 10 reviews on employee review website GlassDoor. No easy feat!


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Dining Alliance Comparisons with Other GPO's


A comparison chart and full article of some of the Group Purchasing Organizations can be found here.


 But, at a simpler level it comes down to a few key factors.


Dining Alliance's key differentiators come in several pieces


Let's focus on the things that matter..not all the silly bells and whistles


Independent Restaurant Focus


Because Dining Alliance focuses on the Independent Smaller Single and Multi location business the programs are tailored to their specific needs.


Think about it.


The challenges of an independent restaurant are not the same as serving food for a military base or hospital.


Most of the other buying groups give you a cheaper purchasing contract.


Dining Alliance goes further.


It's the lower pricing agreements at quality sources plus the management systems and technology to make your life simpler and easier.

That adds up to greater profit and easier daily operations my friend.

What's different? Here's some examples:




Volume amounts will be smaller but special menu items in particular items will be more important.


For example, you may not need 10,000 frozen salisbury steaks a month but you may require highest quality salmon or beef in small doses.



Locally owned restaurants don't have millions of dollars or computer staffing to create and manage technology applications to operate the complex chore that is your restaurant.


Dining Alliance partners with the best niche market tech firms to solve actual problems you have such as:


  • Menu creation
  • Beverage Management
  • Reservation Systems
  • Purchase Tracking Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Accounting
  • Receiving


What's one of the biggest reasons to use Dining Alliance, or any GPO for that matter?


Time, it isn't on your side.


As a restaurant owner, you know people in the industry.


On your own, you can probably negotiate a good price from one food or supply source due to your connections work history, but here's the trick:


you won't be able to get the same discounts across the other suppliers, manufacturers and sources.


That's the magic - the Dining Alliance or group purchasing organization difference. The rates are already negotiated for you. You choose the food and beverage contracts and suppliers you want to take advantage of and and the savings is already there.

Dining Alliance Expected Savings


How much savings can you expect?


Even if the amount is only 1 or 2 percent you are saving thousands of dollars right?


This is on items you may already be purchasing!


Dining Alliance, like any Group Purchasing Organization, doesn't publishing savings rate averages, but they're doing something right with 18,000 + members and over 6 billion in purchasing power.


Even better, depending on what you're buying, in what amounts and from what sources the savings can get significantly higher depending on the situation.


We've seen estimations of 10-15% on average.

There's only one way to find out. Request a proposal and get started.

How to see if GPO's or buying groups are for you?


It's simple.


Getting a quote for a buying group is a matter of gathering up some basic company info, supplier names, and invoices for monthly purchases.


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Let the savings begin.


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How can we help?!


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1000's of Restaurants
$Million's SAVED

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